Pamela Phelan Meek, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist MD #1350




Expert Witness

I have testified in IEP meetings, administrative law hearings, and mediations. I have also appeared in circuit court as well as federal court.

Two judges' remarks about my testimony:

Case #1. Case in which the judge agreed that the student in question did not meet the criteria for mental retardation or intellectual disability and awarded the parents tuition for a private school.

Although Dr. Meek's conclusions were contrary to those of the school team, I do not believe she arrived at them cavalierly, or simply because she had been engaged by the parents. Dr. Meek spoke frankly when she said that when she arranged to evaluate the student she didn't know whether she would have to confirm the findings of the school team or not. Dr. Meek understood that, depending on the student's scores, she might have to agree with the school psychologist and inform the parents that despite their disappointment, the school team was correct. I have no doubt that, had she needed to, Dr. Meek would have informed the parents, in typically taciturn fashion, that the student met the criteria for Mental Retardation and should be placed in the LFI program.

Case #2. Case in which the judge agreed that the student in question was erroneously placed in an LFI or non-diploma program. The parents were awarded damages for 2 years of lost learning time.

With all due respect to (MCPS School Psychologist), who is a school psychologist and who testified as an expert in school psychology with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorders, her testimony about Dr. Meek's report does not cause me to question Dr. Meek's ultimate conclusion about (student's) cognitive ability and her ability to pursue a diploma.

Dr. Meek is an expert in psychology who worked for many years for MCPS. She is currently retired from MCPS and in private practice conducting psychological testing. Her credentials are unassailable and, absent compelling evidence to the contrary, I accept her findings and her ultimate conclusions about (the student).