Pamela Phelan Meek, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist MD #1350




Limits on Confidentiality


The law protects the privacy of all communications between a client and a psychologist. In most situations, I can only release psychological evaluations to others if you sign a written authorization form. If a government agency, pursuant to their lawful authority, requests information for health oversight activities, I may be required to provide amended information to them such as diagnoses.  There are some situations in which I am legally obligated to take action in order to protect others from harm and I may have to reveal some information about a client. These situations are unusual in my practice. For example, if I know or have reason to believe reason a child is or has been neglected or physically or sexually abused, the law requires that I file a report immediately with the appropriate government agency. Once such a report is filed, I may be required to provide additional information.  If I believe that you or your child present a serious and specific threat of physical violence to another, I may be required to disclose information necessary to take protective actions. These actions may include notifying the potential victim, contacting your family or others who can help provide protection, contacting the police, or seeking your hospitalization.  If I believe that your child may harm him or herself I have an obligation to divulge that information.